Couples Counseling


During couples counseling, you will have an objective third party in the room, which can cause things to really change. Your counselor will challenge both/all parties to make decisions that will improve the relationship for a lifetime.

According to couples counseling research, the average couple waits 6 years before entering counseling!  Oftentimes, this means that the relationship has been operating under stress for a long time, so it can take some time to work through and get back to the relationship you desire. 

Entering into couples counseling indicates a willingness to work together toward a common goal.  Sometimes couples who enter counseling don’t understand what that goal is quite yet – and that’s okay!  Your counselor will help you figure that out.

Here are some common goals other couples have worked on through therapy:

  • Strengthening positive interactions
  • Learn to turn toward each other to get your needs met
  • Learn communication skills and conflict management and resolution skills
  • Recover from infidelity
  • Build friendship
  • Reestablish lost intimacy, both emotionally and sexually
  • Increase fondness and admiration for each other
  • Heal and restore trust from past hurts or betrayals
  • Clear the way to know and support each other’s hopes and dreams for the future
  • Specific concerns such as sexual difficulties, betrayal and broken trust, finances, and parenting conflicts
  • Relationship check-ups
  • Discover how to “uncouple” in a healthy, emotionally balanced way
  • Learn how to establish a work-life balance
  • Manage and compromise on ideas about parenting, especially with blended families

At Acadia Counseling, we are committed to satisfactory completion of goals each couple possesses.  If you and your partner are ready to make the commitment, click here to schedule online.