Denise Hutchins, LPCC-S

Denise Hutchins, LPCC-S:

Have you been feeling sad, tired, and irritable? Or have you been jittery, can’t sit still, have racing thoughts, and can’t sleep at night? Maybe you have had some trauma in your past and have had thoughts that life is no longer worth living. Do you wonder why you and your significant other fight so much? I offer person-centered, practical care focused on solutions that work for you.  I work with adults (ages 18-64) and couples in-person and via Telehealth/Zoom.  You can request an appointment on the home page, email me at or call (502) 825-1375.

As the owner of Acadia Counseling, LLC, it is my desire to ensure you have a quality experience as a patient with any of my wonderful counselors.  I welcome any constructive feedback via email at

Beth Willis, LPCA

Beth Willis, LPCA:

Do you suffer from racing thoughts or struggle to cope with feelings of sadness, anger, or depression? Would you like a safe place to explore these feelings? I can guide and support you in finding tools and strategies that will help you improve your quality of life. I believe everyone has strengths, regardless of circumstances, and I use an integrative, strengths-based approach to help you explore and discover your gifts and talents so you can live your most meaningful life. I work with individuals ages 5 through 64, in-person and via Telehealth/Zoom.  For an appointment, email me at or call (502) 791-6450.

Beth Willis, LPCA

Robin Herrington, B.A., University of the Cumberlands Practicum Student:

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”-Carl Rogers

Do you feel that life has thrown you some substantial obstacles lately?  Do you wish you had a non-judgmental person with whom to talk through your thoughts and feelings?  I offer compassionate counseling services for those who have concerns in many areas, including life changes, anxiety, depression, and grief. I work with adults, adolescents (age 14+), individuals, couples, and families.  My goals are to give hope and promote self-healing. My rate is $25 per session; I do not accept insurance.  Evenings and weekends available. I look forward to speaking with you. Call (502) 509-2497 or email to schedule an appointment today.