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Denise Hutchins, LPCC-S, Owner

**Currently not accepting new clients.**

Have you been feeling sad, tired, and irritable? Or have you been jittery, can’t sit still, have racing thoughts, and can’t sleep at night? Maybe you have had some trauma in your past and have had thoughts that life is no longer worth living. Do you wonder why you and your significant other fight so much? I offer person-centered, practical care focused on solutions that work for you.  I work with adults (ages 18-64) and couples in-person and online via Zoom.  You can email me at, call (502) 825-1375 or click the “Request Appointment” button above to schedule online.

As the owner of Acadia Counseling, LLC, it is my desire to ensure you have a quality experience as a patient with any of my wonderful counselors.  I welcome any constructive feedback via email at

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Beth Willis, LPCC

Do you suffer from racing thoughts or struggle to cope with feelings of sadness, anger, or depression? Would you like a safe place to explore these feelings? I can guide and support you in finding tools and strategies that will help you improve your quality of life. I believe everyone has strengths, regardless of circumstances, and I use an integrative, strengths-based approach to help you explore and discover your gifts and talents so you can live your most meaningful life. I work with individuals ages 16 through 64, in-person and via Telehealth/Zoom.

I accept all forms of Kentucky Medicaid, and Anthem, Humana, Aetna, and Cigna commercial insurances, and have a cash-pay rate of $75/session.  Evenings and weekends available.  Telehealth (Zoom) and in-person appointments available. For an appointment, email me at, call (502) 791-6450 or click the “Request Appointment” button above to schedule online.

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Kole Metz, LPCC

You may not know how you got to a place of feeling stuck or overwhelmed, but it would be my honor to help you figure that out. I will work with you to explore current issues and develop plans to define and achieve your goals for growth. I believe that everyone has the capacity for change. The path may not be immediately evident, but that’s why you’re here, to improve with guidance. I pull techniques from a passion for psychodynamic theory, cognitive behavioral theory and mindfulness to help you gain a better understanding of the unknown parts of yourself and develop skills to be more grounded in the present moment. I look forward to the opportunity to embark on this journey with you. I have worked as a counselor since 2015 and have experience working with people who are navigating life transitions, depression, anxiety and grief/bereavement.

I accept Humana, Anthem, Aetna, and Cigna commercial insurances as well as all Kentucky Medicaid insurances, and have a cash-pay rate of $75/session.  I work with individuals ages 15 through 64, in-person and via Telehealth/Zoom. For an appointment, email me at or call 502-572-8841.

Megan S

Megan Sponcil, student, University of the Cumberlands

“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.”    – Carl Rogers

Are you someone that is struggling through life transitions? Maybe you’re about to graduate high school, go to college, or find yourself struggling in young adulthood? Perhaps you need support through a major life change in your work or personal life? Realizing that we need help processing our emotions, thoughts, anxieties about the future, or even past experiences can be overwhelming. 

If you think you are ready to begin your mental wellness journey with a counselor that puts you first, continuously practices multicultural competence, is passionate about the needs of the LGBTQIA+ community, and provides a supportive environment, let’s work together!

My rate is $25 per session; I do not accept insurance.  Evenings and weekends available. Telehealth (via Zoom) and in-person appointments available!  I look forward to speaking with you. Call (502) 694-0938 or email to schedule an appointment today.

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Nicole Gutman, LPCC, NCC, ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider (ACCSP)

**Not accepting new clients**
You are not alone. Life is full of changes, both big and small. For many people, seeking outside assistance to navigate a specific set of challenges while incredibly courageous can be scary. Whether you are new to counseling or starting up again, this is a big step towards growing yourself. I understand how difficult the process of seeking guidance and support can be, and I am so glad you are here.
I can help you find an outlet to explore aspects of your life that are causing distress. I am here to listen and meet you with compassion and understanding by providing a safe place for you to grow and cultivate the changes you would like to make in your life through a collaborative process.
I accept all KY Medicaid insurances as well as Anthem, Humana, Aetna, United Healthcare, and Cigna commercial insurances.  My cash-pay rate is $75/session. Telehealth (via Zoom) or in-person appointments available.  Contact me at (502) 208-5901 or click the “Request Appointment” button above to schedule online.

Charlene McDonald, LPCA

Do you feel stuck and just can’t seem to move forward? Have you experienced trauma? Do you feel weighed down with stress, guilt, anger, depression, or anxiety? What if you were able to identify where some of your problematic emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors began? I can help you make sense of the past and how it impacts you now. I am ready to walk with you on this journey to not only cope but to heal and lead the healthy and fulfilling life you want to achieve.
I am a Certified Trauma-Responsive therapist who understands how trauma affects the body, mind, and behavior. The combination of specialized certification and training has equipped me with valuable tools and insight that I am eager to share.
I provide a non-judgmental and compassionate space where healing can occur. I can help you on this journey to make sense of your emotions, thoughts, and behavior to learn healthy ways to move forward and achieve your goals in life. You are important and I would be honored to support you. I offer the convenience of teletherapy.
I accept all KY Medicaid programs and Cigna commercial insurance.  My cash-pay rate is $50/session. Telehealth (via Zoom) appointments only! Contact me at (859) 333-6272 or click the “Request Appointment” button above to schedule online.
Jordan Hudson LPCA

Jordan T. Hudson, LPCA

When you visit me for therapy, you will feel comfortable. I work hard to allow people to feel connected with me instead of talking “to just another professional” Your level of comfort is directly related to your achievement in therapy; the more comfortable you feel, the more you are likely to achieve. Whether we are engaging in talk therapy, play therapy or another approach, your emotional safety is my first priority.
I graduated from Lindsey Wilson College in 2019 with a Masters in Human Services and Counseling. I am currently a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate. I specialize in eating disorders, anxiety and depression. I have been seeing clients for two years now and am always accepting new ones. I specialize in working with children, adolescents and women’s issues, though I will see anyone from ages 5 to 64.
I offer the convenience of teletherapy and will conduct in-person sessions at Acadia Counseling’s new location at 102 Greenville Road in Nortonville, KY starting 11/15/2022.
I accept all Kentucky Medicaid programs and Anthem and Cigna/Evernorth commercial insurances.  My cash-pay rate is $50/session. Contact me at (812) 573-0856 or click the “Request Appointment” button above to schedule online.