Denise Hutchins, MS, LPCC-S:

Have you been feeling sad, tired, and irritable? Or have you been jittery, can’t sit still, have racing thoughts, and can’t sleep at night? Maybe you have had some trauma in your past and have had thoughts that life is no longer worth living. Do you wonder why you and your significant other fight so much? Denise specializes in all these circumstances, and more! Request an appointment on our home page or call (502) 825-1375 to start feeling better soon.

Ainsley Graff, B.A., Northwestern University Practicum Student:

Have you been unhappy with your life, grumpy, sad, and don’t have any joy in your life? It’s not unusual for people to feel down in the dumps from time to time. If those days are more frequent than you would like or you just want to get your old self back, counseling sessions with me are just what you need to get back on track. I offer compassionate, supportive counseling services at the rate of $30 per session. Call (502) 825-1375 or email to schedule an appointment today!

Beth Willis, LPCA:

Have you been diagnosed with a chronic illness and are struggling to cope with feelings of sadness, anger, or depression? Are you isolating from others or imagining that your life is over? Would you like a safe place to explore these feelings? I can guide you in finding tools and strategies that will help you improve your quality of life. I believe everyone has strengths, regardless of circumstances, and I use an integrative, strengths-based approach to help you explore and discover your gifts and talents so you can live your most meaningful life. I work with children, adolescents, and adults individually. I accept Kentucky Medicaid plans and offer a cash-pay rate of $50 per session. Please call (502) 825-1375 or email me at to get started.