About Us

Welcome to Acadia Counseling; healing happens here!

Acadia Counseling, LLC was founded in June, 2019 as a multi-specialty outpatient mental health center, designed specifically with the patient in mind.  Our counselors and staff are specially trained to be transparent and up-front about the counseling process, billing and insurance, and how you best can effect positive change in your life.  As a group of mental health practitioners, we share the core value that persons of all shapes and sizes deserve mental wellness and each of us strives every day to make that happen.  

At Acadia Counseling, you will not be treated as a number; instead, as a person with feelings and beliefs that make you unique.  Our counselors and staff understand the gift of someone choosing counseling and we are determined to hold safe space for each of our patients to move toward mental wellness.

We are looking forward to working with you!  Get started by booking your appointment online or by calling (502) 825-1375.