I think a lot of people struggle to know when is the “right” time to see a counselor? I’ve had lots of people in my office tell me that they didn’t want to see a counselor until things “really got bad” and they couldn’t sleep through the night due to worry, were fighting with their spouse in front of the kids, or they have developed TMJ from clenching their teeth with anger. Certainly, these are all reasons to seek counseling and I applauded each one for finally making the effort to talk with someone to increase their skills to manage their symptoms. However, when I talk with clients and “walk back” the history of their symptoms, it becomes apparent that each one had significant symptoms long before ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’. In fact, a good number of my clients comment that “I should have done this a lot sooner”, or something to that effect. I came across the graphic below and think it really speaks to the hesitancy to “see someone” about whatever is troubling you. Making time for you is probably the most important decision you’ll make every day.

Make Time For You