Acadia Counseling was founded as a service to people in the community, so it doesn’t bother me to start most of my first sessions with “How can I help you?” Over the almost twenty years I’ve been working with people, it has come to my attention again and again that many, many people struggle every day with problems. Relationship problems, housing problems, money problems, self-esteem problems. And a lot of these problems are long-term issues that can’t be solved overnight. Unfortunately, if these problems hang around long enough, they cause REAL issues and REAL pain for the people who experience them.

Let’s be clear: Counseling is not a solution. A counselor will NOT solve your problems. I will NOT solve your issues with your boss, your spouse, or your kids. I will, however, work with you to apply skills and offer a new perspective on a long-suffered problem. My job is to guide you toward a healthier life, a healthier way of seeing things. Professionally, I will help alleviate your pain. Now is the time to feel better, isn’t it? Use the link below to schedule with me online and let’s get to know one another!